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Speaker ROBERT MULINDWA is a beacon of inspiration, igniting hearts and minds worldwide, raising awareness of the essence of human identity with new and novel insights. His storytelling resonates with our inner core and reminds us of our boundless potential. Robert's journey is a testament to the power of resilience and belief in one's vision. Hearing Robert speak will open a path to living your life filled with purpose and bring out the best in all in attendance. Join the mission to uplift people around the world, one speech at a time.

Created for Success

You were created for success.

This presentation touches upon...

[ 1 ] God’s Purpose for Man

[ 2 ] The Crux of Faith in God

[ 3 ] How You Manage Matters to God

[ 4 ] The Mind is Indomitable Indeed

[ 5 ] Time. Utilize It or Lose It

[ 6 ] Dedication is Key

[ 7 ] Communing with the

Person of the Holy Spirit

[ 8 ] There is a Leader Within You

[ 9 ] Vision is a Prerequisite for Success

[ 10 ] Character is a Must

[ 11 ] The Power of Passion

[ 12 ] Change is a Part of the Process

Rediscovering Identity

You are the Image of God.

This presentation touches upon...

[ 1 ] Knowing God & Discovering Self

[ 2 ] Tranquility in Eden, Then the Temptation

[ 3 ] Humankind’s Enduring Image

& Likeness of God Beyond the Fall

[ 4 ] Shadows of Humankind’s Redemption

[ 5 ] In Redemption, the Past is Forgiven,

and the Future is Salvaged

[ 6 ] Beloved of Christ, the Devil is a Liar

[ 7 ] Jesus Christ as the Flawless &

Exemplary Image of God’s Nature

[ 8 ] The Interplay Between Culture & Identity

[ 9 ] Espousing the Truth of Who

God Says You Are

[ 10 ] Central to True Identity is the

Transformation from Slaves to Sons


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