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Through his books, author/speaker Robert Mulindwa shares insights based upon research, scripture, and personal revelation, designed to show you personal, spiritual possibilities.

Created for Success


For Immediate Release, April 11, 2024

IN A WORLD where success seems based on comparison and impressions, we only find true and genuine success after we first find our reason for being here. Discovery and fulfillment of purpose is what true success, fulfillment, and contentment are about. And we only need connect what is within us with Holy Spirit guidance.

Author Robert Mulindwa explains, “The worldview of success creates a scenario where many a people succeed in the wrong thing. (Yes, there is such a thing as succeeding in the wrong thing.) This is so because true and genuine success is predicated on finding the original reason for existence, the why a person exists, so to speak. Intuitively, the discovery and fulfillment of purpose is what true success is about. The good news is, you and I as the image of God already have inbuilt potential within us. This potential consists of the inherent gifts and talents within each of us. However, the only way to realize this potential is when our spirit is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When one comes to understand this, only then can one be truly happy, truly fulfilled. And this is why I have written this book.”

Rediscovering Identity

In Rediscovering Identity, author Robert Mulindwa expounds on why it’s paramount and essential to understand one’s true identity. Only when one asks the most important question, “Who am I?” can one rightfully address the crucial and equally important question of, “Why am I here?” Understanding one’s identity as the image of God creates an awareness in one’s mind that they are a spirit with a soul living in a physical body.

This awareness starts in the conscious part of the mind, where thinking, reason, freewill, imagination, memory, and intuition reside. Communion of the Spirit of God and man’s spirit starts here.

Thinking under the guidance of the Spirit of God is so powerful it produces growth and greater expression in an individual. How? The author demonstrates that whatever thoughts go on in the conscious mind then find residence in the subconscious mind. The subconscious part of the mind is the emotional center and always on auto pilot. This part of the mind can’t differentiate between reality and imagination, and the subconscious doesn’t reject, so whatever is impressed upon it on a repeated basis becomes permanent in the subconscious. It’s this part of the mind that is responsible for our habits. Whatever knowledge we are exposed to in the conscious creates an understanding in the conscious. This understanding will give birth to faith in the subconscious mind, which in turn will produce actions in the body that translate into the results we produce.

Therefore, knowledge and understanding of the image of God as our true identity raises our awareness (level of thinking) of who we are. Which brings about a transformation that leads to desired results in life.

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